Monday, 28 December 2015

Are You Trapped in The Stress Cube?

Do you feel claustrophobic? Like four walls are closing in on you and you can't break the wicked cycle of exhaustion and stress?

Well, you're not alone. Studies show that a surprising number of people suffer from too much stress. While it may seem easy to visit the doctor for a prescribed pill, the truth of the matter is that more changes are needed in order to free yourself from the stress cube. And these changes depend entirely on you and your lifestyle.

What are the four walls of the stress cube? Professional trainer, Melissa Tucker, reveals the truth in her article: The Four Factors Challenge, published on the blog. Click here to read!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Wonders of MSM

While sulfur probably doesn't rank high on your favourite smells list, it has made its way into many of your health supplements in the form of MSM. In fact, MSM has become increasingly popular not only for human consumption but also for animal use. And since MSM is a naturally occurring, vegan substance, it just might be right for you too!

What is methylsulfonylmethane? What are its health benefits? And why do I want to make sure that it is one of the main ingredients in my joint supplement? Have a quick read through the great article: 7 Benefits of MSM - The Miracle Supplement from blog. Click here to read further.

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Friday, 18 December 2015

If You Let the Weather Stop You, You'll Never Get Anything Done!

Great Britain is famous for many things, but good weather isn't one of them. Although I appreciate when the sun does show its face, it can be discouraging when dark, low-lying clouds hang over my apartment and drizzly rain driven by frigid winds finds its way under my collar sending a shiver down my spine. In fact the only souls crazy enough to brave a slushy Saturday morning are the hardcore runners and Jehovah's Witnesses.

I, on the other hand, would like to do nothing more than curl up by the stove with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. So much for my regular exercise routine. Or is it? Well, if we were all to use the UK winters as an excuse to not exercise, then we might as well hibernate until Spring. At least that way we'd stop eating for four or five months!

Realistically though, what can be done to beat the winter weather without becoming hardcore, exercising masochists? Check out the great suggestions given in the NHS article: Exercising in winter. Click here to read!

Thursday, 17 December 2015

A New Year's Resolution You May Actually Keep!

We've all paid for a gym membership in January just to cancel it again in February. We've all started a cleanse or a new diet or a ridiculous exercise program just to give up weeks or even days later. Why? Are we all pathetic, lazy bums doomed to never shed those last 8 kilos?

While a New Year's resolution may be well intended, it is rarely realistic. In fact, we often expect to go from no exercise each day to hours. That will never happen. But it doesn't mean that you have to give up before you start. Rather, this year, try and make more realistic, long-term goals. 

Professional trainer, Melissa Tucker, in her blog article, Say No-No to the Yo-Yo!, explains how it is possible to make health goals and stick to them. Click here to read!

Monday, 14 December 2015

A Testimonial to Remember: Collette and Bob

When we received this testimonial from Collette we were proud and touched that Purica's Recovery was able to make such a difference in this family's life. We're sure that you'll enjoy this testimonial and, who knows, it just might raise your curiosity to try Recovery for yourself.

              "I first came across Recovery in early 2010. My horse Bob (which I bought in 2008) had been suffering with many problems before I bought him, including mites, foot infections, arthritis and chronic laminitis. I had been working on eliminating these problems via massive lifestyle changes and correct medications. I had also noticed a significant stiffness in his joints and his movement was extremely impeded - he could just about walk 9 (not with any fluidity and grace though) and certainly would not / could not trot when ridden. I had tried various joint neutraceuticals on the market (not cheap ones) with which I had seen success in the past with other horses. They made no difference to him. My vet had suggested the use of steroidal injections. I was uneasy about taking this path so I started to research further. It was then that I came  across Recovery EQ. It seemed expensive and another down side was that I had the inconvenience of importing it from Canada. Anyway, it seemed very interesting. I am a chemist by training and I researched all the ingredients and how Recovery works and decided to give it a go. Two weeks into feeding Recovery to my horse I thought I would take my horse out for a trial ride. I did not expect to see any real result, but gave it a go nonetheless. I asked my friend to bring out her slowest horse to accompany mine so that I wasn't left too far behind. Result-- MY HORSE WAS IN THE LEAD TROTTING AWAY MERRILY!!! I was thrilled!
I then started to wonder if Recovery could help me. I was having some stiffness in my hips, but of great concern to me was the fact that I couldn't lift my arm above my head. I lead an active life with my horses, and these factors were starting to limit me. I started on the Recovery capsules, and within 4 weeks I could feel an improvement. Within 6 weeks I had no problems, and have remained that way ever since. My husband also started to take Recovery after both the horse`s and my improvements, and he has also experienced improvement in his painful knee and shoulder. We are all on Recovery now and I make it a priority in our life."
             - Collette, Lancashire, UK

Why not give Recovery a try? What's there to lose? Try Recovery for yourself, Recovery EQ for your horse and Recovery SA for your pets. Buy today at!

Friday, 11 December 2015

Does Joint Pain Make You Miserable?

Arthritis Research UK estimates that nearly 20% of Brits aged 45-65 suffer from knee osteoarthritis. That's quite a percentage! Are you within this group? Even if you haven't been diagnosed with a form of arthritis, you may still be suffering from chronic knee pain. In fact knee pain is extremely common and arthritis isn't always the cause.

If arthritis isn't at fault for knee pain, then what is? There are a number of factors to consider when suffering from knee pain. And you may be surprised to read that there are simple exercises that can help minimize your level of pain. Have read through the suggestions offered by professional trainer, Melissa Tucker, in her article: Knee Pain, from the blog. Click here to read!

Many, like Robin, Adele, and Joy, have found relief to their knee and joint pain by trying Purica's Recovery. If you suffer from similar symptoms, why not give Recovery a try? What's there to lose? Buy today at!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

What's Your Excuse?: Why We Don't Exercise Regularly and What to Do About It

Exercise is a four-letter word in some circles. Many of us prefer denial, reasoning that if I don't talk about it is isn't really a problem. Well, we all know how well that reasoning works! And we've all tried a New Year's resolution (in vain, I might add) to get ourselves moving.

Why then, when I know I should, is it so damn hard to get my butt off the couch and to the gym? Would you be surprised to hear that the less you exercise, the less you want to? In fact, a healthy dose of exercise gives you more energy. This is what professional training coach, Melissa Tucker, explains in her article: I'm Too Tired to Exercise in the blog. Therefore, in an effort to reduce laziness and get those "To Do"s ticked off, let's all follow Melissa's advice! Click here to read the full article!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Has Your Sleep Debt Been Sent to Collections?

Most of us would agree that a certain amount of sleep debt is inevitable. There's always far too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. This leads to less sleep, which adds to a chronic feeling of fatigue, which leads to getting even less done than we did before, which leads to staying up later to finish the left over tasks, which leads to even less sleep! Sound familiar?

This downward spiral may just seem like one of the less enjoyable facts of life. However, there is something that can be done to lessen the sleep debt you've racked up and to give your body a little more TLC without dropping the 1000 tasks your juggling at the moment.

Read the blog article: 10 Reasons Why People Don't Get Enough Sleep. Click here to read!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

It's Not Only What You Eat, But How...

Have you ever felt like you're on the perpetual diet? Who of us hasn't, at the very least, started a diet in the last six months? Why, then, do I feel like I'm in a rut going nowhere? Why am I not losing weight and why don't I feel better?

A balanced diet is one of the keys to staying healthy and reaching your ideal weight. That said, there is plenty of research out there suggesting that how we eat is just as important as what we eat. What does that mean? Check out the blog article: Better Digestion for Better Nutrition written by holistic nutritionist Tawnya Ritco. Click here to read!

Monday, 30 November 2015

‘Rooting’ Out the Truth: Daikon, Japan’s “Superfood”

The Japanese “big root”, daikon, is considered by many to be a modern day superfood. With the appearance of a big white carrot and the taste of a mild radish, daikon is probably not on the top of your ‘to eat’ list. However, the health benefits crammed into this one vegetable may surprise you.
Although foreign in appearance, many of us have eaten daikon on more than one occasion without realizing it. This is especially true if you enjoy sushi. As a garnish, daikon is grated and added to Japanese dishes, giving the appearance of crushed ice. However, it would be a gross understatement to label daikon a simple adornment. Rather, daikon regularly plays the role of protagonist in Asian cuisine (often in soups, salads, and stews).

Miracle Diet and Cancer Fighter?
There are many a sensational claim of a new and wonderful ‘superfood’. If you are a bit of a cynic, like me, then you’ll have wrinkled your nose more than once when bombarded with the latest celebrity diet or the newest miracle food. Needless to say, I approached this tuber with a similar reluctance when I read that it could help you lose weight and fight cancer.

Japanese comedian, Kumiko Shiratori, apparently lost 10kg while on the “Daikon Diet”. What does this diet consist of? Adding the daily dose of 300g of grated, raw daikon to a balanced diet. The theory behind the “daikon diet” is two-fold: firstly, the extremely low carbohydrate count means your body burns more energy digesting daikon than it receives from this tuber. Secondly, the antioxidants in daikon help to boost your metabolism, helping you burn more calories.

Since I’ve got a few more kilos around my belly than I’d like, I thought I’d give the Daikon Diet a chance. Fresh, crunchy and juicy enough to make a nice snack, with only a hint of radish flavor, I can’t say that I was disappointed when I first tried daikon. But, of course, taste is not all that matters and I can personally attest that eating more than 300g of Daikon per day can cause bloating and gas. Needless to say, I didn’t stay on the daikon diet for very long.

What about daikon’s anti-cancer properties? Some, like Vicky Chan in her article “Daikon – The Cancer Fighting Radish”,  claim that daikon has the ability to “prevent/stop the development of cancer cells.” That’s a pretty big claim. The idea behind this is the potent antioxidant compound Nitrosamine. A recent study has shown that nitrosamine may have some ability to prevent the growth of cancer cells. If you enjoy long and complicated medical essays, then have a read through the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry article sited in the credits, which discusses the study behind daikon’s anti-cancer research.

Of course, rationality argues that petri dish findings and real life do not always agree with each other. Still, even if the cancer fighting properties have yet to be defined, it can’t hurt to add daikon to your daily menu just in case.

What’s Really in it for Me?
Besides the high claims, daikon does have some interesting, proven benefits. Antioxidants, vitamin C and calcium are just a few of the components found in daikon. The Organic Facts blog article: “Health Benefits of Daikon” mentions several other advantages of eating daikon: facilitates digestion, boosts immune system, reduces risks of inflammatory disorders, aids in curing respiratory issues, and helps to prevent wrinkles.

Diuretic: As a powerful, natural diuretic daikon can help the body to flush out toxins. It stimulates urination, cleansing the kidneys of toxins, excess water retention and other unhealthy build ups, such as fats and sodium.

Antioxidant: Antioxidants have caused a lot of controversy over the past years. However, there are proven benefits. Antioxidants seek out and neutralize free radicals. There is some research that they also help to prevent cancer. Many credit antioxidants with the ability to improve the clarity, youthfulness and circulation of the skin, giving the appearance of fewer wrinkles and a healthier complexion.

Digestion: Daikon may also assist in proper digestion. Studies have shown that several of the enzymes common to the digestive tract are also found in daikon. Referring to these enzymes the Organic Facts article mentioned: “These can facilitate more efficient digestion of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats into more easily manipulable compounds for the body.”

Are There Any Side Effects?
Any food or drink, including water, should be consumed in moderation. Too much of anything is bad for you. And this rule applies with equal force to daikon. What are the potential side effects to eating daikon? I for one found that eating daikon every day made me feel bloated. This may have been avoided by having slowly added daikon to my diet. However, some people are more prone to bloating from consuming cruciferous vegetables.

Vicky Chan recommends that those who have weak stomach conditions avoid daikon as it may produce stomach pain. She also warns that because of its diuretic properties, daikon may lessen the effectiveness of other medicinal herbs being consumed, such as red ginseng. Organic Facts warns that those suffering from gallstones should avoid daikon. That said, they also mention that “daikon is not commonly known as an allergen and is generally considered healthy for anyone.”

And the conclusion of the matter is…
Whether daikon can really cure/prevent cancer or help you lose 10kg is still to be proven. However, the many other health benefits of this odd tuber make me wonder what there could be to lose by eating daikon in moderation on a regular basis? We could all use an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory boost now and again. So next time you’re at the grocery store, why not reach for the big, ugly, white carrot? It just might turn out to be a new favourite at your dinner table.

By Barak Anderson

“Daikon – The Cancer Fighting Radish”, Vicky Chan,
“How the Daikon Diet Can Help You Lose 3 Pounds Per Week”, Martin Nicholson,
“Health Benefits of Daikon”, Organic Facts,
“Cyotoxic and Antioxidant Activity of 4-Methylthio-3-butenyl Isothiocyanate from Daikon Sprouts”, Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry,

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

What to do When Sugar Comes a Calling!

If you suffer from a sweet-tooth, as I do, then you know how it feels to get that afternoon or evening craving for something sugary. We've all been told to brush our teeth to stop the cravings. But what about those of us who enjoy a minty flavour with our sugar?

Well, a recent study at BetterYou suggests that a lack of magnesium may be one of the reasons why us sugar-lovers reach for a chocolate bar when we aren't even hungry.

Read the My Natural Lifestyle blog article: Magnesium Helps Beat Sugar Cravings, Experts Say. Click here!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Potent Power of Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been used as medicinal cures in Asia for centuries. During the last half century they have become widely popular in western lands. Many prefer the natural route to medicine and medicinal mushrooms have harnessed mother nature's power in an incredible way.

What are the benefits of medicinal mushrooms? Watch this blog video interview with the co-founder of Purica, Jason Watkin: Jason Watkin on the Power of Mushrooms on Global TV. Click here to watch.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Bigger Isn't Always Better in the Supplement World: Why Micronization Makes All the Difference!

*Accepting or refusing specific medical care is a personal decision. Please consult your family doctor or other healthcare professional prior to commencing any medical treatment, including taking health supplements.

We often say that size matters, but bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to supplements and the body’s ability to absorb them. You might have heard that Americans are considered to have the most expensive urine. Why? Well, if your body is unable to absorb the vitamins and minerals you swallow every morning, then your literally flushing all your money down the toilet. So, why can’t we absorb all of the vitamins and minerals on the market? And why does micronization make such a difference?

Why You May Be Pouring Your Supplements Down the Drain
The controversial topic of absorption hit the market years ago. Are all those vitamins and minerals you’re taking really doing you any good? Or are you among those worldwide wasting millions upon millions of pounds each year? It has become common practice over the last few decades to substitute proper eating habits for vitamins and supplements. And let’s be honest, it’s easier to pop a few pills in the morning than to go to the grocery store in search of quality produce. Add to that the growing popularity of health supplements and you’ve got a large section of the population taking pills rather than following a balanced diet.

What’s the big deal about taking pills? Well, the problem lies primarily in the bioavailability of the vitamins and minerals themselves. What does that mean? Bioavailability refers to how well a substance is absorbed into your system. Some products, when taken orally, are not very bioavailable, meaning they are not easily absorbed into your body when passing through the gastrointestinal tract. If these particles are not absorbed into your system then your body either metabolizes them (breaks them down into their component parts) or simply passes them out of your system; either way, your body isn’t benefiting and neither is your wallet. What can be done, then, to improve bioavailability and to ensure our bodies are absorbing the supplements were are taking?

What is Micronization and Why Bother Doing it?
In order for a substance to be more bioavailable, the molecules would need to be smaller. And that is exactly what micronization does. Micronization is the process of making the particles of a substance “micro” or very small. To put it in layman’s terms, this is how micronization works: Imagine trying to sieve rice with a colander. Some rice may fall through the cracks but the majority will remain in the colander. Micronization makes the rice particles the size of salt, so to speak. And salt easily falls through the cracks of the colander. In a similar way, our bodies have a much easier time absorbing particles after micronization.

Micronization isn’t a new technology. In fact, it has been around for about 50 years. Micronization is actually fairly simple. There are several types but one of the most common is the jet mill. This mill uses collision between particles to “grind” the particles into smaller pieces, without the use of heat. When done properly, nearly all of the particles become uniformly smaller. This helps our body to absorb the substance more easily when taken orally.

Why Should I Buy Micronized Health Products?
Quality health products aren’t cheap. In fact, they’re darn expensive! So, why would you pay an arm and a leg for a product that you aren’t sure can even be absorbed by your body? Good question! The truth is that even if a product claims to be easily absorbent, it doesn’t mean that YOUR body will absorb it. If you are in poor health, your system could need extra “help” in order to absorb properly. Many of us eat what we want, when we want. This takes its toll on our bodies and results in poor health. In fact, some of us have treated our bodies so badly that even following a balanced diet isn’t a guarantee that our bodies will be able to absorb the nutrients in the food we eat.

And the Conclusion of the Matter is…
In the end you need to listen to your own body. If you are taking an non-micronized product that seems to be working well, then by all means keep taking it. If, however, you are unhappy or only just satisfied with the results of the products you are taking, then why not try the micronized version of a similar product? There are some pretty amazing testimonial cases of customers who have tried micronized products, such as medicinal mushrooms, and have been blown away by the results.

You, of course, will need to decide for yourself. That said, what’s there to lose? Why not give micronization a try?

by Barak Anderson

“Micronization as a Bioavailability Enhancement Tool”, Adeline Siew, PhD,
 “API Mocronization & Nanosizing: Master Particle Size”, Sarhash Davuluri,

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

To Bread or Not to Bread, That is the Question

Bread has been part of our culture for centuries and there really isn't any question as to why. It's just so damn good! However, during the last few decades our diet-crazed age has been kneading us into carb-counting cretins. And bread has been receiving some really bad rap!

Countless diets out there condemn bread. Does bread really deserve to be charbroiled? Before cutting bread completely out of your diet, have a read through the blog article: Breaking Bread - The Healthy Way by professional trainer, Melissa Tucker. Click here to read!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Your Favourite Comfort Drink is About to Become Even More Comfortable

When its wet and cold outside (as it is the majority of the year in the UK) there's nothing more inviting than a warm cup of tea. For hundreds of years tea has been the drink of choice for us Brits. However, tea's history goes back much farther than the 17th century. In the orient, tea consumption dates back thousands of years and interestingly, tea began its life as a medicinal drink.

In fact, the health benefits of tea may surprise you. Did you know that white, green, matcha, black and oolong teas come from the same bush? Did you know that all of these teas are high in antioxidants?

Most of us reach for a cup of tea as a comfort drink and not a health "food". But you may end up increasing your consumption of tea after reading the following article: Health Benefits of Tea written by Gloria Tsang and published on Click here to read!

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Friday, 13 November 2015

The Winter Blues Affect Energy Levels: Here's What To Do About It

We are well into fall and winter is right around the corner and this means that ugly weather is also on its way. For many of us the onset of dark, damp weather means nastier moods and lower energy levels. And let's be honest, who's cheerful when clouds hang heavily on the tops of the trees and the sun doesn't get a glimpse in the whole day long? When it's dark on your commute to work and dark again on your drive home? When your weekend is spent indoors in front of the telly?

OK, OK, I'm not trying to depress you. It's just that bad weather can have a bad effect on our mental state. During the yucky months of the year we usually eat more and exercise less and we tend to rely heavily on our caffeine intake.

So, what can be done to battle the "Winter Blues"? Check out the great suggestions given by Melissa Tucker in the blog article: Seven Steps to End the Energy Crisis. Click here to read!

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Don't Become the Christmas Ham This Holiday Season

The holidays are only just around the corner and we all know what that means... Five kilos added to my waistline! No, but seriously, if it is difficult enough to eat well the rest of the year then it's nearly impossible around the holidays. In fact just the thought of winter delicacies makes my mouth water!

How can we make it to the new year without the need to buy a whole new wardrobe? A lot depends on our attitude towards food and drink and our will to maintain control. Getting a grip on your eating habits will help you far and beyond the new year. Start now and maybe, just maybe, your new year's resolution next year won't be measured in kilos. Check out the blog article: Eating Wisely. Click here to read!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Grapes Are For More Than Just Wine!

At this time of year many are enjoying the "novello" or new wines of the fall. And we all use the excuse that a glass or three of wine gives us our daily dose of antioxidants. However, there's much more to grapes than wine.

While grape seeds are often looked down on as a bitter, disgusting diet food, you may be surprised to learn just how good they are for you!

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Is Anything Really Free?: What You Need to Know About Diet Foods!

We hear "FREE" used all the time in food label marketing campaigns: Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, Carb-Free, Calorie-Free, etc. These words have special appeal to those trying to lose weight or stay in shape. And the numbers don't lie. Consumers buy "free" products! In fact nearly 30 million Brits spend close to £2 billion per year on diet foods.

The question is, are these foods really free? If so, what the heck are they made of? And how will this affect my health? Read the blog article: Nothing is Free by professional trainer, Melissa Tucker. Click here!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Are You Having a Heart Attack?: Learn to Read the Signs

Heart attacks among middle-aged women are extremely common. Because many women don't even realize that they are having one a high percentage of heart attacks go unreported. How likely are you to have a heart attack? Well that depends a fair amount on your lifestyle and stress level. Knowing what signs to look for can help you to act quickly and it just might save you or your loved ones.

Read the blog article: Heart Disease and Women - Knowing the Signs and watch the entertaining and educational video with actress Elizabeth Banks on how to spot the signs of a heart attack.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Let's Sleep On It: How Your Level of Stress and Quality of Sleep Are Directly Related!

Is the worst part of your day when you hear the alarm in the morning? Well, maybe you need to examine your sleep patterns and whether you're getting enough sleep or sleeping during the right times.

Life is busy for all of us and while you may argue that 6 hours is all you have time for, there are fundamental reasons why a proper sleep schedule is an absolute must. Check out the article: Restorative Sleep As Stress Relief by Tawnya Ritco from the blog. Click here!

Have you tried Red Reishi as a natural stress reliever? Many have experienced insomnia relief and had a higher quality sleep while taking Red Reishi. Click here to buy Purica's Red Reishi! Buy today!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Red Reishi: The Miracle Cure-All Mushroom?

Chinese herbalists have used Red Reishi for centuries as a cure for a huge range of health issues. However, many are still skeptical that there could possibly be a miracle "cure-all" mushroom.

How does Red Reishi work and what ailments does it alleviate? What is the best way to take Red Reishi: tea, capsules, extract?

Red Reishi is used by many to lower stress and to cure insomnia. It is available for purchase from in potent, micronized, vegan capsules. Click here to buy Purica's Red Reishi today!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Why The Spa Should Be On Your Immediate TO DO List!

Grab your towel girls! We're heading to the spa!

Whether you've received a gift certificate from a friend, purchased a Groupon or simply splurged on yourself, we all love a relaxing day at the spa. However, you might be surprised to read just how beneficial it is to your health to take time out of your busy schedule for even a brief visit to the spa and I'm not talking simply about relax and anti-stress.

Read through professional trainer, Melissa Tucker's article: The Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy from the blog. Click here to read!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Is Hyaluronic Acid Really All its Made Out to Be?

You may have noticed that HA (hyaluronic acid) has made its way into many of your health supplements and beauty products. How does HA work and why is it being added into so many health products?

Click here to read the Victoria Health article: Hyaluronic Acid - the anti-ageing nutrient? written by Shabir Daya.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Flavanoids and Their Effects on Your Health

You may have heard talk about flavonoids, polyphenols, quercetin, antioxidants and other unpronounceable words referring to natural health. And you may or may not have bothered to try to understand what these substances are and how they are supposed to benefit us. Besides the fact that several of these words refer to foods that you and I already love, like wine and chocolate, understanding flavonoids and the parts they play in our bodies may help us to live healthier and happier lives.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Nutricol, the Antioxidant Wonder Mix!

Have you tried Recovery yet? Purica's feature product, Recovery, stands out from the competition for one main reason: Nutricol.

What is Nutricol? And why does it make Recovery so much more effective than other joint supplements on the market? Click here to read the blog article: Recovery Ingredients

Nutricol is the key active ingredient in Purica's Recovery. Try Recovery for Yourself, Recovery EQ for your Horse and Recovery SA for your Pets. Visit!

Watch this brief video on Nutricol and how it works in our bodies.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

What Role Does Glucosamine Play in Joint Treatment?

Most likely you have heard of or even used glucosamine as a joint therapy option. But have you ever stopped to ask why? How does glucosamine work and why has it become so popular in human and animal joint therapies? To find out, click here to visit the blog article: Glucosamine in Joint Therapy

Glucosamine is one of the key ingredients found in Purica's Recovery. Try Recovery for Yourself, Recovery EQ for your Horse and Recovery SA for your Pets. Visit!

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Why the change to

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