Friday, 13 November 2015

The Winter Blues Affect Energy Levels: Here's What To Do About It

We are well into fall and winter is right around the corner and this means that ugly weather is also on its way. For many of us the onset of dark, damp weather means nastier moods and lower energy levels. And let's be honest, who's cheerful when clouds hang heavily on the tops of the trees and the sun doesn't get a glimpse in the whole day long? When it's dark on your commute to work and dark again on your drive home? When your weekend is spent indoors in front of the telly?

OK, OK, I'm not trying to depress you. It's just that bad weather can have a bad effect on our mental state. During the yucky months of the year we usually eat more and exercise less and we tend to rely heavily on our caffeine intake.

So, what can be done to battle the "Winter Blues"? Check out the great suggestions given by Melissa Tucker in the blog article: Seven Steps to End the Energy Crisis. Click here to read!

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