Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Your Favourite Comfort Drink is About to Become Even More Comfortable

When its wet and cold outside (as it is the majority of the year in the UK) there's nothing more inviting than a warm cup of tea. For hundreds of years tea has been the drink of choice for us Brits. However, tea's history goes back much farther than the 17th century. In the orient, tea consumption dates back thousands of years and interestingly, tea began its life as a medicinal drink.

In fact, the health benefits of tea may surprise you. Did you know that white, green, matcha, black and oolong teas come from the same bush? Did you know that all of these teas are high in antioxidants?

Most of us reach for a cup of tea as a comfort drink and not a health "food". But you may end up increasing your consumption of tea after reading the following article: Health Benefits of Tea written by Gloria Tsang and published on Click here to read!

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