Monday, 14 December 2015

A Testimonial to Remember: Collette and Bob

When we received this testimonial from Collette we were proud and touched that Purica's Recovery was able to make such a difference in this family's life. We're sure that you'll enjoy this testimonial and, who knows, it just might raise your curiosity to try Recovery for yourself.

              "I first came across Recovery in early 2010. My horse Bob (which I bought in 2008) had been suffering with many problems before I bought him, including mites, foot infections, arthritis and chronic laminitis. I had been working on eliminating these problems via massive lifestyle changes and correct medications. I had also noticed a significant stiffness in his joints and his movement was extremely impeded - he could just about walk 9 (not with any fluidity and grace though) and certainly would not / could not trot when ridden. I had tried various joint neutraceuticals on the market (not cheap ones) with which I had seen success in the past with other horses. They made no difference to him. My vet had suggested the use of steroidal injections. I was uneasy about taking this path so I started to research further. It was then that I came  across Recovery EQ. It seemed expensive and another down side was that I had the inconvenience of importing it from Canada. Anyway, it seemed very interesting. I am a chemist by training and I researched all the ingredients and how Recovery works and decided to give it a go. Two weeks into feeding Recovery to my horse I thought I would take my horse out for a trial ride. I did not expect to see any real result, but gave it a go nonetheless. I asked my friend to bring out her slowest horse to accompany mine so that I wasn't left too far behind. Result-- MY HORSE WAS IN THE LEAD TROTTING AWAY MERRILY!!! I was thrilled!
I then started to wonder if Recovery could help me. I was having some stiffness in my hips, but of great concern to me was the fact that I couldn't lift my arm above my head. I lead an active life with my horses, and these factors were starting to limit me. I started on the Recovery capsules, and within 4 weeks I could feel an improvement. Within 6 weeks I had no problems, and have remained that way ever since. My husband also started to take Recovery after both the horse`s and my improvements, and he has also experienced improvement in his painful knee and shoulder. We are all on Recovery now and I make it a priority in our life."
             - Collette, Lancashire, UK

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