Thursday, 10 December 2015

What's Your Excuse?: Why We Don't Exercise Regularly and What to Do About It

Exercise is a four-letter word in some circles. Many of us prefer denial, reasoning that if I don't talk about it is isn't really a problem. Well, we all know how well that reasoning works! And we've all tried a New Year's resolution (in vain, I might add) to get ourselves moving.

Why then, when I know I should, is it so damn hard to get my butt off the couch and to the gym? Would you be surprised to hear that the less you exercise, the less you want to? In fact, a healthy dose of exercise gives you more energy. This is what professional training coach, Melissa Tucker, explains in her article: I'm Too Tired to Exercise in the blog. Therefore, in an effort to reduce laziness and get those "To Do"s ticked off, let's all follow Melissa's advice! Click here to read the full article!

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